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17 April 2003 @ 07:45 pm
I can't believe it's not the end of the week yet.  
This has got to be the longest freaking week in the history of my life. First that horrible tax deadline thing - then the three hour traffic to work... I honestly sat here and thought that today was Friday. I started writing an entry that said "It's the weekend!" Then I realized I was a day too early... Ugh! :(

It's been two weeks since I've been going to Curves and it's amazing how motivated I still am (I've quit countless gyms, etc in the past - I really don't have a good track record with exercise programs). Amazingly, I find myself looking at the clock at work and thinking "Yay, two more hours and then I get to work out!" Whoa... "...and then I get to work out?!?!" :O "...leave this insane place called a bank," maybe...but never work out! At least, not until recently... :)

I don't know if I'm losing weight - and really, that's not my goal. My goal is to just get into better shape and relieve all of my work stress. And I have to say that it's definitely working in that respect. The other day I was furious with my boss when I left work, went to work out all my aggression and then felt worlds better driving home - I couldn't even remember why I was so mad at him the next day.

I just hope that my enthusiasm stays.

Oh, and I stole this from counselortroi:

- Pikake
- Bath & Bodyworks lotions
- My dog, Sydney (okay, I'm not really that strange, but I have to say I love the smell of my dog...)

- chocolate ice cream
- potato...anything! (Fries, potato chips, baked potatos, etc.)
- soy sauce (yes, I'm from Hawaii after all - we use it for everything!)
- Chinese food

- my favorite pillow
- sorry have to go with couselortroi's answer here and say the feel of my dog's fur. :)
- my favorite night shirt

- a great baritone (i.e. Kevin Earley)
- a great alto belt
- a full-bodied, well led orchestra

- Hubby opening the door and greeting me when I come home each day... Isn't he sweet?
- Sydney curled up next to me
- The clock at work that says 5pm :)

- spending time with Mark
- seeing shows on Broadway
- traveling to see friends
- working on Kevin's website
Sherishutterbug93 on April 18th, 2003 12:58 am (UTC)
Unfortunately, Friday isn't a holiday for me. :( We used to get the day off, but then they started cutting things back and eventually even things like our holidays were cut - now we only have Federal holidays - no state holidays - and no Good Friday. :(

I went to check out your friend's page and you're right - the dates are all so different. I think that it's because you have friends from all over the world and the time differences are so vast that sometimes it's hard for me to figure out how far you're ahead. It must already be Friday morning there? Friday night maybe? I'm so bad with these things. But I can guarantee you that I'm in the last time zone out here in Hawaii. It's still 9pm on Thursday night here... :( (Wishing it was Friday night too...) ;)