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Spending Christmas with family and my Mom's neurotic puppy. ;)

Considering that I had to work the day after Christmas last year, I should be very thankful that Christmas fell on a Saturday this year and I could actually sleep in this morning. :) I should also be thankful that the full day yesterday must've worn Sydney out because she wasn't up at her usual 5am nudging me and trying to get me up. :)

Christmas day yesterday was actually quite nice. It started with an early morning breakfast at the in-laws. They liked our annual "gift of food" (which is usually a GC to a nice restaurant nearby) - since Mark's family loves to go out and try new places to eat. :) We loved all the gifts that we got (which included lots of GCs to the mall, and to various stores) :). They know me well enough to know that the best gift they could give me is the gift of shopping. ;)

The rest of the day was spent at my Mom's house. We brought over Mark's parents' old iMac computer and set it up for my Mom and went through the basics of how to use it. Surprisingly, she seemed to embrace the new computer and wasn't totally against it, like she was with the old laptop we brought over last time (she fears technology). We still have to sign her up for internet service, but we'll probably do that when we go back to her house for New Year's dinner. :)

Even more surprising than my Mom liking the iMac, was that she actually really liked the digital camera that we bought her for Christmas. :) She went around the whole evening snapping photos of everything (and everyone) and getting very excited because she could view them right there. :) It really surprised us that she liked it so much, because prior to yesterday she was even more anti-digital than I was!

Sydney got to spend some time yesterday with my Mom's neurotic dog, Yuki. :) I love Yuki a lot, but it's funny just how neurotic she is. I think she's the only dog that I know of who's afraid of tile (she'll walk on tile in the kitchen to get some food, realize she's NOT standing on carpet anymore and then freeze completely - totally unable to move!) She's also afraid of doorways and stairs in quite the same fashion. :P My poor Mom has to carry her in and out of the house everyday!

Hope you all had a nice weekend! Of all the gifts that we received this Christmas, the best gift of all had to be the time that we got to spend with our families - that's what really made yesterday special for us. :)
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