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Warm & fuzzy emails :) and mochi for the new year!

Got the sweetest email from Julie Ann (& Kevin - but more from Julie, I think) :) today. Probably nicer than the lovely things she wrote was the fact that the email was totally unexpected! It had to be the brightest spot of my otherwise dismal day. She's such a sweet person - she and Kevin are just the best!

Speaking of warm and fuzzy, ;) Sydney's been so affectionate lately. :) By nature, she isn't really an affectionate dog (though she's a lot more affectionate than when she was a puppy!) I'm afraid that the good bond that we've built will go away again when I leave for NY in January and I'll have to work again to earn her trust back. :P Who knew that even dogs have such issues with trust?

Had to stop by a market that I rarely go to (since it's usually so far out of my way) this afternoon. It's always fun to shop somewhere that I don't normally get the chance to see - I tend to look around a lot and end up buying some pretty interesting things. This time, though I only ended up buying some An (azuki bean paste) for the manju that I'm going to attempt for New Year's. While I was there, though I did see the traditional New Year's kadomatsu and mochi for sale. My Mom recently went to visit my Grandmother in Hilo and brought back homemade mochi for us to use this New Year's Eve so this year we didn't have to buy any. :)

The New Year is probably one of my favorite holidays because (being of Japanese ancestry) it's one of the few holidays that allow us to keep some of our cultural traditions alive. :) Each year we put up the traditional mochi and kadomatsu, clean everything in preparation, and eat my Mom's great ozoni (mochi soup). Over the years, we've even made up a few new traditions of our own. ;) New Year's at my Mom's house has always been Chinese food night - it's become a tradition of ours to pick up take out Chinese each year - and knowing how much I love Chinese food, it's a great way to start off 2005. :)

I'd better head off to bed - I have a full day of work tomorrow (oh joy!) and then a half day on New Year's eve (robbed again of another holiday) :P Hope you all have a nice evening. :)
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