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I just suck....

...what a wasted day. Yes, I was under the impression that I was going to spend my entire day at book-judging and I was pleasantly surprised (not to mention mighty shocked) when Susan and I were "set free" at 10:30 am from our book-judging duties, however I spent most of the day sleeping... :( And now it's 3:34pm and I've wasted an entire day...I feel a little annoyed with myself that I wasn't able to make better use of the free time that I was given...

Oh well...

Mark bought a new digital camera yesterday. I called him from Shirokiya during my lunch asking him if I should buy the camera and he ended up buying one for himself. It's a Sony Cyber-shot (can't remember the model number) but it's so small it can be held in the palm of your hand. My main question to the salesman was whether or not the flash could be disabled (heh, heh...) While I was out this morning, Mark was fussing around with his new toy and took this...

Looks like Sydney had about the same type of "productive" day as I've had... :P

Think I forgot to mention, but it seems a "garden menehune" visited us over on Tuesday this past week. Don't know who or why, but I noticed when I came home from work on Tuesday afternoon that someone had planted ground cover on the blank spot of dirt we had in the front of our house. After much discussion on all the possibities (including an absurd suggestion by me that it was my Mom - who couldn't stand to see our yard in such shambles...) Mark & I came to the conclusion that it must've been the maintenance people who take care of the grounds around our houses. Whoever did it though, it was a great Christmas gift to be able to see our yard in a little nicer shape! I must try and find out and thank them the next time I walk Sydney and pass them by. :)

It was kinda nice, I have to admit, to be able to see the Jaycee folks today (since I haven't seen most of them in months - and also shows how bad I've been about going to things...) I was under the impression that they'd all be mad at me, for not taking my position seriously enough so I went in to today's book-judging half expecting to be snubbed and to hear comments like "'s going to snow, Sheri's finally come to something!" I must say, though, everyone was really cool about it. And really, the organization is exactly the same as it was when I left it a few months ago... there are some who take things a little too seriously, there are some who don't take it seriously enough, there are those for whom the Jaycees is their life-blood, there are those who are only there out of obligation - and then there's Susan and I who are tired and who, over the past 7 years have (at one point or another) given everything we've had to the organization and now just want it to be January 1st so we can turn in our office key and our "little man" shirt. I don't think I wanted to admit it before, but I think I might miss being a Jaycee and a state officer, maybe just a little...
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