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I had another post here...

...which was a rant that I thought the better of and ended up deleting. It must say something about my courage these days that I can't even write a good rant without feeling guilty. :P If it truly becomes an issue within the next few days I reserve the right to revive it though. ;)

On a completely separate note, I've been getting in the cleaning mood lately (which rarely ever happens) ;) There is so much clutter around here that at times it feels like we're drowning in all of our things. :P My goal for the New Year is to organize everything and finally get rid of all the clutter in the house. I've heard that one of our local organizations is collecting clothes for the tsunami relief effort and I have bags and bags of almost new clothes that no longer fit me that I'd love to donate to a good cause. :) I've also been bringing home xerox paper boxes from work and have been going through all my soap opera tapes and magazines to see what can be thrown away (or sold on ebay) and what I need to keep. Hopefully if I tackle this a little bit each day, the task won't be so daunting. :P

In Julie Ann news, found some stunning photos of her (and one with Kevin) at the Hollywood Life's Breakthrough Awards. She's certainly changed her look a lot from when I used to see her at Kevin's award shows - I really like these photos, though - her dress is really cute. :)

And I've been fooling around with photoshop a bit and have been trying to come up with a new design for Kevin's site (it's long overdue for a facelift - the photo I took of him on the homepage doesn't even look like him anymore!) :P I just seem to be at such a creative lull recently - I've been hating everything I've been doing lately. :P

I'd better go and get ready for work - this post was actually started last night, but I ended up falling asleep before I could even post it. :P Hope you all have a nice day - I'm off to jump into a warm shower - it's become unusually cold here (for me anyway - I'm a Hawaii girl, remember?) :P
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