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Diet? What diet? ;)

One of the gifts that Mark & I got for Christmas this year from his folks was a digital scale for our house. I can't believe that we never had a scale at home before - all throughout our diet we were guessing at whether we were losing weight by how our clothes fit (and finally ended up going to the in-laws to use their scale). :P However, now that we're not on a diet, the scale seems like a bad idea. :P I really don't want to see how much of the weight has come back, especially after I had to work so hard to lose it. :P As of right now, I haven't gotten back on my diet - I keep telling myself that it's pointless to start now, especially with my NYC trip just a week away. I'll be sure to start it up again when I get home from my trip, I promise. :)

On a different note, my boss' daughter got braces today... I remember getting braces back in my freshman year in high school and then again as a freshman in college because my teeth refused to remain straight. :P Back then we had no choice and the braces were silver brackets that they glued to the front of our teeth which were connected to the wires with tiny rubber band-like things. It wasn't until I got braces in college that I could actually choose to have the clear brackets. :P And even after all of that - my teeth are still crooked... :P I felt really bad for my boss' daughter though - she'll probably have to survive on miso soup and jamba juice for the next few days... Which, now that I think about it, might not be such a bad idea for me and my diet. ;)

And on a VERY happy theatre note - I can finally say that I'm seeing a production with David Burnham again!! :D If you've been reading my journal for a while, you've probably heard me say "I wish I saw David in this or that..." a lot because he never seems to be in shows while I'm in town... UNTIL now! :) Woo hoo! He's just been cast in Kevin's new show "My Way!" I'm SO excited!! :) Kevin, Nick, and David Burnham working on the same production? It really can't get more perfect than that! Huge *SIGH* :D

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