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Yay for productivity!

The last couple of days were actually pretty productive for me. At work on Friday, I glued myself to my computer and vowed to finish the awful audit response that's due before I leave for NYC. At the end of the day when my co-workers were coming up to me to wish me a nice weekend, I realized that I hadn't really spoken with anyone all day long - they must've thought I was being extremely anti-social. :P At least the audit response is almost done. What a load off my shoulders that is! I can almost look forward to my trip with a clear conscience now. ;)

Today was clean up day at home. I went through all my clutter in my file cabinets near my computer which were filled with old soap magazines that I wanted to get rid of. It turned out to be a much more difficult task than I expected. :P Looking through them, I had I hard time getting rid of the ones that featured Chad Brannon. :P I just couldn't bring myself to throw them away - too many nice memories, I guess. I also found a few old photos (one of which I turned into a new icon above). I'm wondering if I hadn't seen Chad randomly at "Ten Commandments" in October, if I'd still feel the need to keep all of his things... I probably still would. :)

On a different note, I'm beginning to wonder if buying the Xbox for Mark was such a good idea. He's been stuck downstairs in front of the TV for what feels like the entire day playing Knights of the Old Republic. :P I'm happy that he likes his anniversary gift, but he's become a permanent fixture downstairs - and didn't even stop playing long enough to turn on the light. :P You know, people warned me, but did I listen? ;)

Finally, I received my issue of Show People magazine in the mail today. Lovely photo on the cover of Nobert and John Lithgow from "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels." I'm disappointed that I'll miss the opening of previews in NYC by two weeks. :( I guess that just means I have to plan another theatre trip to NYC to see it later. :)

And speaking of theatre trips, I had to do this:

Yes, I'm pathetic! ;)

Hope you all have a nice evening - I'm off to pry the hubby away from his Xbox. :)

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