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Two more days until NYC - woo hoo! :)

How pathetic is it that I'm sitting here freezing when the weather outside is only 65 degrees? :P It's really true what they say about Hawaii people not being able to take the cold, we throw on jackets when the temperature goes below 70 here. :P I'm only partially joking of course, I really do love the cold weather and I'm really looking forward to the 35 degree weather in NYC. :)

Speaking of NY, I seem to be (for once) packed on time for my trip. :) I usually procrastinate and end up rushing to pack the night before I leave. :P What prompted me to plan ahead this time is beyond me. :P And I'm oddly excited about this trip - not in the usual "I get to see great theatre again" excitement, but I think part of the reason I'm so excited this time is that my Mom really hasn't been to NYC in a while (five years) and I want to show her how much it's changed since then. :)

My Mom is even getting excited about the trip - though she'd never admit it to me. I think the thing she's the most excited about is the restaurants that we're going to in the area and not so much the shows. She loves theatre a lot, but hasn't really been exposed to a lot of really big productions. Hopefully she'll enjoy the shows I've picked out. :) I, on the other hand, love them all, from big Broadway houses to tiny 99 seaters in LA - doesn't matter at all to me.

Speaking of LA, I haven't been able to decide on my final show there next month. I'll probably try to catch "The Accomplice" at the Colony Theatre that weekend, but I have to decide between "Ragtime" at Musical Theatre West or "Miss Saigon" at Fullerton Civic Light Opera. I'm hoping I can wait another couple of weeks when the cast lists will hopefully be out, but if no one I know is in either of them, I'm back to square one. :P

And finally, I read this today in Playbill.Com. :( Please don't get me wrong, I like Harry Connick, Jr - I was just hoping they'd nab someone more like Kevin for this role (if not Kevin himself). Ever since I heard they were reviving "Pajama Game" - I thought Kevin would be perfect for the part since he has the most John Raitt-like voice I know. :)

I'm off to find the fuzzy dog and crawl into bed. As a side note, Mark still has not extracted himself from his Xbox and has been sitting in front of the TV all weekend obsessing over Knights of the Old Republic. :P I'm hoping he finds time to get some sleep tonight. :P Hope you all have a nice evening.
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