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I've been having some dreams about work recently which has really caused me to lose sleep the last few nights. :P It's upsetting to me, not only because of the lack of sleep it's caused, but because I spend almost all of my waking hours worrying about work - I don't need to do it in my subconscious too! :P Hopefully my unpleasant situation at work will end soon and I can finally get a decent night's rest. :P

In sad (for me) travel news, Aloha Airlines announced that they're discontinuing their direct flights to Burbank. :( That used to be my favorite flight (which I literally used to fly 6 times a year.) :( I'd jump off the plane, into a rental at the airport, and be at my hotel (which was 5 minutes away) all in less than 30 minutes. :P And since I hate flying through LAX, I guess now I'll have to fly into John Wayne (which isn't the most convenient when I always stay in the Burbank area). :P

And for some reason, I've been in a slump recently - completely unmotivated to do anything after work. :P I'm not sure it's all due to my work stress, but I wish I could just snap out of it. I have so many things I need to do for Kevin & Julie's sites, a couple of exams that I need to buckle down and actually study for, and a whole bunch of clutter that needs sorting through in our storage room, but I just seem to lack the motivation these days to actually do anything. :P

Sorry for the downer of a post - I'm usually not this depressing. Work is really starting to get to me. :P Isn't it Friday, yet? :P

But before I leave for work, on a MUCH happier note - I wanted to wish a very happy birthday to conchispa!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!! :D
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