Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

Damn, I love my dog :)

Mark & I were in the kitchen talking about work (he REALLY hates his job and wants to find a new one...) :( When out of the corner of the kitchen, Sydney "noses" her food dish right up to our feet, stops, sits for us, and looks up at us like... "Hello? Feed the dog!" :) It was adorable! And even Mark, in his terrible mood, had to stop and laugh. :)

Gotta love her! :)

Oh, and my apologies to kananigirl for stealing this from her:

Side note: I shortened the survey a bit...

Home Life

Describe your...

-room- cluttered with playbills, photos, and *aak* old soap opera magazines
-kitchen- pretty standard kitchen - but cluttered, nonetheless...
-bathroom- cleaner than it was yesterday (I was in a cleaning mood today...)
-pantry- cluttered...Ummmm...I'm sensing a pattern here :)
-refrigerator- guessed it...cluttered :) Filled with fruits and bagels :)
-pets- Sydney, the Sheltie with a hilarious personality :D
-parents- Mom, who is my best friend and great in-laws
-siblings- none, but I do have a great sister-in-law
-tv- small, almost never on unless Kevin tells me Julie will be on TV
-radio- Huh. I don't seem to have one...
-living room- cluttered with Mark's electronic gadgets
-blinds- no blinds, we have curtains
-roof- dunno, never really looked up there...
-fan- lots of them all around my room and downstairs (it is Ewa you know...) :)

Do You...

-have a boat?- no
-have a pool?-no
-have cable?- yes, though I hardly make use of it, I only use it for the road runner service. :D
-watch mtv?- no
-sleep nude?- no
-have a waterbed?- no
-like cookies?- sometimes, though I used to work at Mrs. Field's as a teen and it kind of ruined my taste for cookies
-have DVDs?- too many...
-like cheese?- not as much as Mark does...he lives on cheese
-have a watch?- yes, can't live without it
-have icq?- Huh?
-sing in the shower?- no
-have a cell phone?- yes, I can't live without it.
-keep a photo album?- Scrapbooks, yes!
-drink water?- all the darn time!
-like roller coasters?- I'm not too much of a roller coaster person
-drive?- too much...
-have a best friend?- yeah, I do
-know what TVU is?- Huh?
-listen to online radio stations?- no
-send e-mail forwards?- not usually
-like the heat?- not really


(do you like...)

-tacos?- yes
-bread?- I'm a total bread person!
-veggies?- I love vegetables
-pizza?- yes, vegetarian pizza!
-doritoes?- they're okay, depends on what kind
-pretzles?- love pretzels, and they're low in fat too. :)
-chocolate?- yes
-garlic?- No, I really dislike the smell of garlic - I can't eat it...
-veal?- No, sorry
-hamburgers?- well,...only In and Out Burgers...and only once in a while
-chicken?- yes
-hot dogs?- Well,...yes
-ice cream?- Chocolate mochi ice cream! YUM!
-hot pockets?- I like them
-popcorn?- yes
-pop tarts?- can't eat them, they're too sweet
-salad?- love a good salad
-coke?- no
-pepsi?- no
-gatorade?- no


Live Journal

-How many times do you update your journal?- try to upate everyday...somedays are just too busy or nothing much to write about...
-How does your journal look?- REALLY pink :)
-How many icons do you have?- 6...I had to check :)
-Can you do any of those cool lj over rides?- no
-Do you have music on your journal?- no
-Do you update your journal with font colors?- no
-How many communities do you belong to?- a lot. Broadway ones, scrapbooking ones, over 30 ones :),...let's just say lots.
-Do you remember your very first entry?- yeah, it was a week or so before Christmas last year
When did you join LJ?- December of 2002
-How many LJ friends do you have?- several
-Is your journal public or friends' only?- public

Have You Ever...

-bunji jumped?- no
-gotten a tattoo?- no
-sky dived?- no
-skinny dipped?- no
-gotten your tongue stuck to a cold pole?- In Hawaii? I don't think so...
-had pop rocks and coke together?- no
-played truth or dare?- Yes
-kissed for more than 10 minutes at one time?- you mean continuously? :)
-made a prank phone call?- no
-flashed someone?- no
-stolen anything?- no
-sped?- yes, my only traffic ticket was in California. ::Hangs head in shame::
-set anything on fire?- no
-eaten snow?- no
-puked on someone you really liked?- no
-eaten pure sugar?- does a Krispy Kreme count? ;) It's like eating pure sugar...
-mixed sodas together?- yes - it's disgusting unless you have the right combination (fruit punch and 7-up is not too bad together...) :P
-had sushi?- yes
-worn a thong or speedo bathing suit?- no
-had dejavu?- yes
-hung up on someone?- only telemarketers who won't take no for an answer...and a few ex-boyfriends...
-used all cuss words in a sentence?- yes - see above ex-boyfriends... JK, of course. :D
-had the cops called on you?- no
-stayed up for more than 24 hrs straight?- In college,...haven't we all?
-stood on your head and drank milk?- no
-cried during a movie?- yes. And for the record, the only musical I ever cried in was Most Happy Fella" - yes I'm a bit unusual.
-swallowed gum?- when I was young
-gotten tongue tied?- all the time...
-said, "I love you" and not meant it?- no
-eaten glue?- no
-slept for more than 15 hrs?- yes, see above college reference... :D
-been on a train?- does the dinky one in Maui count? :)

Finish the Sentence

-I would like to go to...- New York again or back to LA
-I want...- a new job
-I need...- a new computer
-more than anything I...- adore my family and friends
-If I won the lottery...- I'd pay off this house and move to the mainland
-I love...- my husband
-I see...- almost every show that Kevin is in.
-My dream concert would be...- Kevin Earley with the Philharmonic singing great Broadway tunes - wait, that's in August! :D
-The last thing I did was...- Feed the dog?
-The last person I hugged was...- Mark
-I yelled at...- ?
-I kissed...- Mark
-I cried when...- my Dad died...
-If I could have one pet it would be...- Sydney
-Last night...- I went to a wedding at Ihilani
-Right now...- I really don't feel like going to work tomorrow
-Love is...- great, if you have the right person to share it with
-I hate...- my job
-My favorite phrase is...- Hugs!
-The last person I saw was...- Mark
-My parents...- are really wonderful
-My favorite sport is...- volleyball
-My favorite band is...- don't really have one
-I last ate...= some potato chips (bad Sheri!)
-I'd like to...- go on another trip to LA again
-On a scale of 1-10, I rate this survey...- 7 it's okay, kind of long though, and I shortened it too!

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