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So... I've decided to bury my grudge with Amazon this weekend and went in (against my better judgement) and purchased a few things - "A New Brain" Cast Recording and "Making It On Broadway" (yes, I still haven't read this book yet!) The problem now when I go to the site is that I want to buy everything there... :P

I actually found something there that I never thought I'd see. Years ago, I saw a TV movie, which I really loved called "Princes In Exile" - I've been looking everywhere for any type of information on it since then and haven't been able to find anything... until now. And it isn't the actual movie (which I think is sadly out of print), but at least it's something. :)

Found some stunning photos of Julie Ann at the NYC premiere of "Hitch" this past Thursday night. :) Of course she'd be wearing a Max Azria dress! ;) She looks fantastic! :) No Kevin, of course since he's in rehearsals for "My Way." Coincidentally, "My Way" opens the same night as the big Hollywood premiere of "Hitch." It'll be a great night for the both of them, it's a shame they both can't be in two places at once. :(

Mark is downstairs right now playing some Star Trek game. I was pretty surprised since it's been a while since he's touched his PS2. He told me, "I didn't want any of my consoles to feel neglected." I laughed and told him jokingly, "But it's okay that your wife does?" ;) Of course, I was only kidding, though I don't think I'll see much of him for the rest of the evening. ;)

I'm loving the iPod speakers that Mark got me last weekend. :) The only thing is now some of my neighbors (if they listened closely) would be able to tell what weird taste in music I have. ;) I'm off to find the fuzzy dog - hope you all have a nice evening. :D
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