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My order from Amazon arrived in the mail today... and more importantly, it was correct! :D I guess Amazon isn't the monster I made them out to be - and I probably should stop saying mean things about them. ;) I haven't had the chance to listen to my "A New Brain" CD yet, but I need to put it on my iPod soon so I'll have it available for my 6 hour plane ride on Thursday. :) I also got my "Making It on Broadway" book which I also plan to use to occupy me on my long flight to LA. :)

UGH... in TV news - tonight I gave in and did something that I never thought I'd do again... I watched "American Idol." :P Our office always does a small pool each year (which I was lucky enough to win last year) so I thought I should start watching it so I could, at least, get in an educated guess. It isn't something I'd normally do, but it is nice to be able to talk with the my co-workers at the "American Idol" de-briefing session that seems to happen every Wednesday morning in our office. :)

On a completely separate note, I have to say that I'm loving the way my Mom has really taken to the internet and emailing! :) I always smile when I see an email from her in my in-box because I remember what a struggle it was to convince her what she was missing out on when she was computer-less. :) Now if I could only get her to start a LJ... ;)

I'm off to hug my fuzzy dog - I know that she must know that something's going on. Whenever she sees me with my suitcase she probably knows that it means that I'll be gone from home for a while... :( Poor Sydney - at least this time she won't have to be alone in a kennel like she was in October. :(

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