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Sorry I haven't been around much lately...'s been an odd combination of a sudden lack of any type of motivation and having to study for a new licensing exam for work. :P

My BIG boss told me the other day that our home office is pressuring him to get someone in our office Series 53 (municipal securities principal) licensed by the end of April! :( This is the same exam that I'd mentioned in an earlier post - how someone else in our office had been designated to take it a couple of years ago (but never did), and how it suddenly got pawned off on me. :P My BIG boss made it clear that I needed to take AND pass the exam by the 30th of April! :P UGH!

In order to ensure that I pass, I could either 1) give myself two chances to pass and take one exam at the end of this month (and if I fail) take it again before the end of April (since I have to wait 30 days between exams) OR 2) I could study up until the end of April and have only one chance to pass it (albeit a better chance...) I've decided to go the two chances route, which means that I'll have to take the exam on the 28th - unfortunately it also means that I only have a little more than 20 days to study and I just got the book yesterday! :P If this alone doesn't make me gain about 10 pounds from stress-eating this month, I'll seriously be surprised. :P

In other non-work related news, it's time for Sydney's once a month vet visit this morning. She's been a little better about going to the vet recently and will actually wag her tail when the vet assistants come up to pet her. We're very lucky that the vet's office that we go to has a team of very nice workers. The last time we were there they told us that Sydney had been voted "Sheltie who most looks like an ottoman" :) probably because of the cute fur on her hind legs that tends to look like a bed skirt. ;)

Speaking of Sydney, Mark & I have been noticing that her fur has been turning white in several areas. The tips of her ears have been turning white recently as well as the fur around her muzzle... I didn't know that dogs have to worry about white hair too. ;)

I'm off to catch up with all of you and try to get in some studying before Sydney's vet visit. Hope you all have a nice Saturday! :)
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