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Procrastination + insomnia = such a bad combination :P

...and it usually means that somewhere along the line I'll be spending money online (either on amazon or ebay). :P The past few nights I haven't been able to sleep (for some reason) and I found myself browsing through movie and theatre memorabilia on ebay (which is always a bad idea) :P I actually ended up buying something "Hitch" related for just $3 so at least it was semi-productive. ;)

Speaking of the Earley's (sort of) - I just found out that Kevin's going to be in the Celebration of Reprise! benefit again this year! :) It's on April 3rd and since Malcolm Gets is listed in the cast, my guess is that Kevin will be singing "I'd Rather Be Sailing." *SIGH* I can't believe that I'll possibly be missing him sing that song -- AGAIN! :P Tickets for the show are $275 and benefit the Peter Matz Educational Foundation - a great cause but waaay out of my price range. :(

Kevin is also performing in the S.T.A.G.E. benefit concert this weekend at Cal State - edited to add: Los Angeles. He told me what two songs he'll be singing, but for the life of me, I can't remember. :P I can already tell this will be a year of living vicariously through my California friends - there's NO WAY I could ever make it to all of his performances, the work-a-holic that he is. ;)

In non-theatre news - my studying is going A LOT slower than expected and I'm beginning to wonder if I'll be ready for the exam by the 28th. :( I've always hated municipal securities (and it was my weakest area on the Series 7 exam) :P I have been reading diligently every night, but the material is just so boring that my mind constantly wanders while I'm studying. :P

Well, I'm off to grab a shower and get back to browsing amazon studying. ;) Hope you all have a nice evening! :)
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