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Today must've been...

..."Let's all yell at Sheri" day at the bank. :( It was okay though since it's been a while since I've had a couple of unreasonable customers like I had today - and really, I think I was due. I've been in customer service long enough to have a thick skin when it comes to dealing with customers like this...the hard part is smiling and remaining pleasant while they're belittling you for something you had nothing to do with... A fellow bank employee and I were talking and saying how we wished there were some alternate universe or something where we could,...just for a day...say everything we've ever wanted to say to customers but couldn't. :)

Have I mentioned it recently? Okay,...I'll stop with this - it's getting old. :)

Non-work related: Yay, Rod! I can't wait for "Big River" to open in NY! I was an idiot and missed seeing it at the Ahmanson last year. :( One of Julie Dixon Jackson's (NOT Kevin's wife-but another LA actress I run a website for...) co-stars in "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown", Rod Keller will be in the cast that's taking the show to Broadway. From what he said, it looks like rehearsals start in late May. :) That's my next "Must See" musical. :) I only met Rod once after YAGMCB, and emailed with him a couple of times, but he seems like a REALLY nice guy - I'm totally happy and excited for him and the rest of the cast! :)

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