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02 April 2005 @ 09:08 pm
...I finally went in to see the doctor today about my arm and as it turns out - it wasn't my arm or my shoulder that was the problem at all! Apparently, I have neck problems. :( When I sit and look straight ahead with my arms to the side and my hands on my lap, I can't rotate my head to look up without some pretty major pain in my left arm. :( The doctor gave me a prescription for anti-inflammatory drugs and told me I needed to apply heat to my neck each day and do some simple neck exercises. Hopefully, he said, with the combination of those things, it'll start to get better soon. If it doesn't, I should contact him again for the next step of the treatment process. :P I'm glad I went in to see him, though - I had no idea that the problems were related to my neck at all since my neck feels fine. :P

One thing I really like about my doctor's office is the staff there - they're all so nice! When I first got there the nurses and receptionist were all so shocked that I'd never seen the new office before (since my doctor moved there over three years ago!) they all agreed, though that it was a good thing that I stayed healthy enough in three years not to need to see them. I'm glad I was able to track him down and finally make an appointment.

On the way down Mark was joking about the doctor's appointment telling me that he was taking me because he was afraid that I'd skip out on it and go shopping instead... "Don't you miss those days when you were young and your parents would take you out for ice cream after you went to the doctor?" he asked. Ha! Whose parents did that? I told him jokingly that I felt a little gypped because my parents never did that. ;) So being the sweetheart that he is (and probably more as a joke for the comment I made earlier), Mark took me to Coldstone in the mall across the street from my doctor's office after my appointment for some great ice cream. What a sweet hubby I have! :)

While I was in the mall I also bought seasons 2 and 3 of "West Wing" since they were on sale at Suncoast. Looks like I'm in for a "West Wing" marathon this weekend. So I apologize if I'm a little absent from LJ this weekend, I'll be in "West Wing" bliss. :) Hope you all have a wonderful evening! :)
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Current Music: "Mother's Gonna Make Things Fine" - A New Brain
bigrivermusical: Dannybigrivermusical on April 3rd, 2005 07:48 am (UTC)
Boy I'm glad to hear that your dr found out what caused the pain in your arm. Yes your hubby is such a sweetie. We are lucky to have such a priceless hubby :)

West Wing marathon huh? Well, I'm going to meet "Kenny" from WW in two weeks! Hooray!
Sheri: Sheri - yahoo iconshutterbug93 on April 4th, 2005 05:35 am (UTC)
I'm glad I went to the doctor too - I had no idea that it had anything to do with my neck! :P And I'm so lucky to have Mark in my life. :)

I love "West Wing!" Saw four episodes yesterday and two today. :)
the girl who's a goddessvsprtn on April 3rd, 2005 08:07 am (UTC)
May I suggest finding a good chiropractor as well? I deeply love my chiropractor. He has kept me healthy for years.

Hope you're feeling better!
Sheri: Sydney - couchshutterbug93 on April 4th, 2005 05:37 am (UTC)
Re: EEP!
A chiropractor will probably be my next move if all this doesn't work - which hopefully it won't have to come to that. Thanks for your well wishes! I hadn't realized it was as serious as it was when I went in. :P
Kananigirlkananigirl on April 3rd, 2005 09:19 am (UTC)
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! You're getting help for your arm/neck. That's good you got help for that!

Coldstone is soooo good! I needed to go there and have a cup. *LOL*
Sheri: Sydney - couchshutterbug93 on April 4th, 2005 05:38 am (UTC)
I hadn't realized how serious it was and that it was a problem with my neck. :( Luckily I did find out though...

I love Coldstone! I had my favorite - the banana ice cream with strawberries, blueberries, and graham cracker. :)
(no subject) - kananigirl on April 4th, 2005 06:27 am (UTC) (Expand)
Expresso Maniac: Zaffie and Millyexpressomaniac on April 3rd, 2005 09:53 am (UTC)
glad you went to see the doctor!! hope it gets better soon!
Coldstone....I saw that place a few times when in Hawaii last, but suprisingly never went there, so I don't know how the ice cream there tastes :-\
Sheri: Sheri - yahoo iconshutterbug93 on April 4th, 2005 05:40 am (UTC)
Thanks, Andrea!

The ice cream at Coldstone is so addicting! :) The ice cream itself is really good, but with the various mix ins (whatever you choose) it's the most delicious thing! :) Next time you come home we'll have to meet up and I'll take you guys there! :D
mmm ice cream *drool* - expressomaniac on April 4th, 2005 09:09 am (UTC) (Expand)
the36thchamber on April 3rd, 2005 02:57 pm (UTC)
I hope your arm gets better Sheri and YAY for coldstone...I have been trying to be good since I'm going to New York and all but I have eaten alot this Birthday weekend of mine...lol...it all starts again on Monday.
Sheri: Sheri - yahoo iconshutterbug93 on April 4th, 2005 05:41 am (UTC)
Thanks so much, Doug. :) And I love Coldstone so much that it's hard for me to resist it - even when I'm on my diet. :) And you're allowed to eat whatever you want on your birthday and enjoy yourself - it's got to be some kind of rule. ;)
(no subject) - the36thchamber on April 4th, 2005 03:00 pm (UTC) (Expand)
ajayne on April 3rd, 2005 03:04 pm (UTC)
Hmm. My mom never took me for ice cream after doctor's appointments either. ;P

I am glad you found out what is making your am hurt. Hopefully you will have the problem solved soon and you'll be all better.
Sheri: Sheri - yahoo iconshutterbug93 on April 4th, 2005 05:43 am (UTC)
I was pretty shocked to find out it was a problem with my neck - but I'm really glad I went to get it checked out.

(no subject) - ajayne on April 4th, 2005 02:40 pm (UTC) (Expand)
With a sparkconchispa on April 3rd, 2005 06:19 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you finally went to the doctor and it's nothing too serious. BTW, I love your icon.
Sheri: Sheri - yahoo iconshutterbug93 on April 4th, 2005 05:44 am (UTC)
Thanks for you nice words about the icon. The photo was taken YEARS ago when Mark & I were at a Jaycee convention. :P
(Deleted comment)
Sheri: Sheri - yahoo iconshutterbug93 on April 4th, 2005 05:45 am (UTC)
Awww, thanks Kristen! You're so sweet! Thanks so much for your supportive comments. :)
Sabine: Micki's placesabine10 on April 3rd, 2005 09:53 pm (UTC)
I'm glad that your doctor found a reason why your arm hurts. Hope you feel better soon! And yes, I agree Mark really is sweetie. :) Besides, my parents also did not take me out for ice cream but I also had not often to visit a doctor.

Hope you had a nice weekend. :)

Sheri: Sydney - happyshutterbug93 on April 4th, 2005 05:47 am (UTC)
Thanks, Sabine. :) And Mark is definitely a great hubby! :D And I guess that you and I were both lucky that we didn't have to see the doctor that often as children. :)

*HUGS* to you and please give one to Micki too. :)
karmastyxkarmastyx on April 3rd, 2005 10:07 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad you found out what was wrong. :) Feel better.
Sheri: Sheri - yahoo iconshutterbug93 on April 4th, 2005 05:47 am (UTC)
Thanks Laura!
kathyselden on April 3rd, 2005 11:11 pm (UTC)
I'm so sorry to hear about your neck problems! My dad actually has two deteriorating discs in his neck that cause him a lot of arm pain (one time it was so bad that he thought he was having a heart attack; his heart ended up being fine - but his neck wasn't), so I know that's some rough going. Glad you aren't going to have to have surgery or anything on it though!

And yeah, I was NEVER taken to get ice cream after I went to the doctor. LoL!
Sheri: Sheri - yahoo iconshutterbug93 on April 4th, 2005 05:50 am (UTC)
Ouch, your poor Dad! That sounds so painful just hearing about it. :( I'm glad that I found out what was causing my arm pain and now I can hopefully work on correcting it. :)

Haha! I've come to realize after yesterday that Coldstone cures whatever ails you! ;)
Carecareleswhisper on April 3rd, 2005 11:12 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you found out what the problem was. Feel better. *hugs*

Mark is a sweetie. :)
Sheri: Sheri - yahoo iconshutterbug93 on April 4th, 2005 05:51 am (UTC)
Thanks so much, Carrie! *HUGS* to you too!

And Mark's just the best hubby! :D
WE ALL NEED A SENSE OF HUMOR: mortiebeam861 on April 4th, 2005 02:03 pm (UTC)
I hope you feel better soon. Did the dr say if you have a pinch in your neck
Strange as it sounds, neck pain can show up in the arms. You have nerves running from your neck down to your fingers. Your nerve can be aggrivated in one spot, but show up in a different spot. Also, watch your sleep position
When sleeping you may twist your neck, or get it into a "funny position" which further agrivates things. Try and sleep on your side if possible. Sleep on 2 pillows, but kind of layer them so that they are not directly on top of each other. Placing a rolled up towel inside your pillow case, so that when you lay down, it will cradle your neck will help too! I hope I didn't make this sound too confusing! I have been through Physical Therapy
so many times, it is kind of like second nature to me, and it does help. Please let me know how you are doing, and if I can offer you any other suggestions!
Sheri: Sydney - happyshutterbug93 on April 5th, 2005 07:06 am (UTC)
My doctor did say that it was probably a pinched nerve, but he wasn't too sure. If my symptoms persists he wants me to come back in. I think it might have a lot to do with my computer set up at home - and as you know, I spend HOURS on the computer. ;)

Thanks for your comments, though. I think that the way I may be sleeping might have soemthing to do with it as well. I should really use two pillows - and I should probably shoo Sydney off my spot on the bed. Sometimes I think I sleep in odd positions because Sydney is hogging my pillow. ;)

Thanks for all your suggestions, Barb! I really appreciate it! :D And BTW, I LOVE your sheltie icon!! :D
WE ALL NEED A SENSE OF HUMOR: Fishbeam861 on April 4th, 2005 02:04 pm (UTC)
P.S. What flavor did you get at Coldstone? I love their icecream! I would go to the drs just to get Coldstone after!
Sheri: Sheri - yahoo iconshutterbug93 on April 5th, 2005 07:07 am (UTC)
I got the banana ice cream with strawberries, blueberries, and graham cracker mixed in (my own combo - which I love!) What's your favorite?
Mrs Beanshuman_beans on April 5th, 2005 02:54 am (UTC)
I'm glad that it sounds like your arm is going to be ok. :)

My Mom didn't take me for ice cream either after the doc...we went for saimin!
Sheri: Sheri - yahoo iconshutterbug93 on April 5th, 2005 07:02 am (UTC)
Wah! I miss you! :( Thanks for your comment - hope you're doing well! And saimin is sometimes better than going out for ice cream - lucky you! :)
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