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Just paid for another 6 months...

...on LJ. :) So I guess my LJ addiction continues to grow. :) Special thanks to my GREAT LJ friends, though for making this place a wonderful way for me to unwind and relieve some work stress. :) And I know I haven't known most of you all that long, but you're all very special to me. :)

Non-mushy stuff: :) Isn't it sad when "fun" in a weekend consists of heading out to Costco to buy a new microwave? Our old one is on its last legs, and let's face's become THE MOST used appliance in our house these days. The sad thing about all of this is that it might actually be the highlight of my weekend. ;)

Heard from Julie (Dixon Jackson) who is having her baby on May 14th. :) She promises to send me a photo of him soon to put on her site (yay!) AND says her daughter Lily's movie "Envy" is going to come out in late August. I can't wait! :)

Oh well, off to clean the house before my "exciting" trip to Costco. Woo! :)
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