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This is why I hate taking medication of any kind. :P

What a weird morning I had today. :P The medication that the doctor gave me - Naprosyn (which I was told is no more than strong Alleve) is supposed to be taken with a meal and at least 8 oz of water (it also says I can't lie down for a half hour after I take it - why, I have no idea). This morning I ate my usual breakfast of a fat free toaster waffle, two pieces of canadian bacon and took my pill with A LOT of water... Apparently I didn't eat enough this morning because by 9:00 my stomach was starting to feel queazy and I was starting to get light headed. So I ate my fruit jello cup and a Pria bar and thought it would go away. :P

By lunch I really wasn't feeling too well. :( I ate my lo cal meal and ran around to the post office to do some errands, but afterward felt rather nauseated and dizzy. :P I ended up sitting at my desk for a while trying not fall down, and it wasn't until I drank a lot more water that I felt a whole lot better. My co-workers who saw me come in after lunch all asked what was wrong - they said that it looked like I was going to pass out. :P Perhaps the medication doesn't agree with me? The funny thing is that I had no problems with it this past weekend and I even tried one tonight with no problems at all. :P I'm going to try a bigger breakfast tomorrow and if the same thing happens, I'm calling my doctor. :P The most frustrating thing is that it doesn't even seem to be helping my arm/neck at all... :P

Tomorrow I have to follow around one of our auditors who was hired from our home office to inspect all our branches. It'll be a nice opportunity for me to get out into the field since the last time I was in a "branch" was a year and a half ago. I know that accompanying an auditor is not the most welcoming of situations to see the reps, but it'll be nice just to get out of the office for a while and see everyone. :) The schedule tomorrow is a pretty busy one - I simply can't afford to feel like passing out. :P Besides, passing out in front of our guest auditor would probably not be the best first impression to give. :P

Hope you all have a nice evening - I'm going to find the fuzzy dog and crawl into bed. :)
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