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LA trip countdown... 13 days! Woo! :D

I can't believe my next LA trip is less than two weeks away! :) It wasn't until yesterday that I realized how quickly the trip is coming up - I don't even have rental car reservations confirmed yet! :P Unfortunately, my love/hate relationship with Priceline continues and they wouldn't accept my $18 a day offer and I'll have to wait another week to try again. :P I really hate cutting it so close like this, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to get some kind of rental car by the time I leave on the 22nd. :P Anyone know of any other low price rental car alternatives? Waiting the extra week is really not sitting well with me... :P

On an LA theatre note, Kevin's first performance of "Sail Away" is on Monday night in Glendale. :) I'm anxiously awaiting reviews of the show - though the press release says that Press Night is on the 25th - Why wouldn't they hold press night on the 11th to generate some talk so that by the 24th and 25th people would want to see the show? In any case, I also found out that Kim Huber (who I loved from "Spitfire Grill") will also be in the cast so I'm really excited to see the show. :)

I also just found out that Damon Kirsche (who recently appeared with Kevin in "My Way") just got cast as Freddy in "My Fair Lady" at La Mirada. :) Unfortunately, with all my traveling to see Kevin in "Sail Away" and "Applause" I probably won't be able to see it. :( But if anyone is in the area, I'm sure Damon would love the support! :)

Speaking of really nice theatre guys with wonderful voices - I love Norm Lewis! I think he's the only musical theatre performer that I love so much and have never actually seen perform LIVE on stage. :( His voice is simply gorgeous, I could listen to it all day long! :) *SIGH*

Well, I'm off to grab a shower and hunt down my fuzzy dog. :) Hope you're all having a nice weekend. :)
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