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Tax Season :P

The hardest week of work for us is always the final week before tax season is over - since everyone seems to wait until the very last minute each year to open IRAs or make contributions. :P There are A LOT more trades than normal and everyone's morale in the office is REALLY low because we're all so exhausted and irritable. :P Thankfully, this is Day 2 of the tax week from hell and with any luck it'll be over soon.

Speaking of waiting until the very last minute, Mark finally did our taxes this weekend. :) We were fortunate enough to get a tiny refund this year - with our mortgage interest going down and our income up a little from last year, we were pretty sure we'd end up having to pay this year, so we're pretty happy about it. :)

Sorry I've been so bad about updating and commenting lately... When I get home the only thing I want to do is cuddle up with the hubby and fuzzy dog and fall asleep. :P I have been reading all of your entries and I promise to start commenting again once I get my energy/motivation back.

On a better note, I finally got a rental car for my April trip for $12.70 a day - special thanks to bigrivermusical for telling me about Sidestep.Com. :) So aside from getting my tickets for the Long Beach show, I'm all set for my LA trip - which is only... *goes to look at ticker*... 11 days away! :) Yay! I could really use the time away from the office after this week! :)

Finally, before I run off to work, I just wanted to wish darlaree a very happy birthday today!! :D Hope you have a wonderful day!! :D
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