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A day in the life of Sydney dog :)

It's been a while since I've done a Sydney photo post (and I blame that entirely on my demanding job, gosh-darnit!) but I've added a few people to my friends' list since I've done one of these and I thought it was time to take out my camera and terrorize the fuzzy dog a bit. ;) Some of the photos may look a little familiar to those of you who have been reading my journal for a while since a few of them are some old favorites that I decided to mix in with some new photos of my little fuzzy baby. :)

Rise and shine Sydney dog! Another day of fun is ahead! :)

First order of the day? Wake up the sleepy Daddy! *sniff* *sniff*

Hmm... it doesn't seem to be working does it? ;)

Yahoo! It's playtime! :D

After a long morning of playing, it's definitely time for a serious afternoon nap...

The afternoons really do get hot and humid here...
and I work very hard at clogging all the fans in the house with my fur. ;)

Begging is SO demeaning. ;) That being said, could I PLEASE have another treat? ;)

Time to wind down with some TV on Sydney's favorite station - Animal Planet, of course. ;)

And so ends another "productive" day for the fuzzy dog! :) If only all of our lives could be as easy. ;)

Hope you're all having a nice Sunday! :)
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