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The much better parts of my trip...

I know that I spent the better part of the last few days mentioning the not-so-nice parts of my recent trip. In all fairness, there were some really nice parts of the weekend and I guess it would be unfair of me not to mention them...

  • Getting to spend time with Linda and meeting her other theatre friends. No matter what was going on, it was still the greatest joy to hear them all rave about Kevin's voice during the evening show. :)

  • Finally meeting Steven - the BWW.Com poster who I'd been emailing for a while. Not only is he very knowledgable about LA theatre, but he's also a big fan of Kevin, Nick, and Julie Jackson's - so needless to say, he and I got along VERY well. ;)

  • Going to Petsmart on Tuesday before driving to the airport. We don't have a Petsmart in Hawaii so it was a real treat to walk in and browse around the store. Sydney ended up being very lucky that I had time to do a lot of browsing that day since I came out of the store with a bunch of toys and treats for her. :) I even got a new tag for her collar engraved (while I watched) with our new phone numbers since the one she has is old and worn and has our old phone number - which has since been disconnected.

  • Eating at Claim Jumper! :) I have to say that the salt and pepper shoestrings from Claim Jumper are some of the best that I've ever eaten! :D Why is it that we don't have a Claim Jumper in Hawaii? :P

  • And really... in all honesty, it was one of Kevin's stronger performances to date. The material was perfect for him and allowed him to belt and show his incredible range AND the role itself was one that allowed me to see the sincerity I always like to see in Kevin's acting.
So I guess I really shouldn't complain, the trip ended up not being so bad after all...

On a similar theatre note, I REALLY want to see "Wrong Turn at Lungfish" when I go to LA in May! I've heard so many good things about it and I love Hector Elizondo and Jason Gedrick! Unfortunately, they don't have a Sunday evening show and I'd already planned to see the "Applause" matinee that day. It's a shame too because the theatre is only about a block away from my hotel...

And finally, all this traveling has made me extremely exhausted at work these past couple of days (must be my old age showing) ;). The oddest thing is that it seems like the more sleep I get - the worse I feel the next morning at work. :P I was actually feeling the most alert the first day back from my trip when I'd only had 2 hours of sleep the night before. :P Thankfully this weekend will be a relaxing one for us and hopefully I'll be able to get some much needed sleep. :)

Hope you're all having a nice evening, I'm off to crawl into bed. :P
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