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It must be the start of a loooong week...

Halfway through my morning trades, I realized I was approving everything with tomorrow's date - I could've SWORN that today was Wednesday. :P What a disappointment it was to find that I wasn't already in the middle of the week, but instead, only at the beginning! :P

Another reason the week probably feels so long is that I've re-started my "counting every calorie & gram of fat" diet and exercise routine again. :P For those of you who have been reading my journal for a while, you'll remember the REALLY strict diet and exercise plan I was on last summer which amazingly led to Mark & I losing about 20 pounds each... Well, those of you who have joined my journal a little more recently know all too well that with all the traveling and non-healthy eating (not to mention no exercising) that I've been doing (or not doing) lately, I've actually gained back almost 15 of those pounds! :( My goal is to lose them all again before my next trip to LA in July. :P I've done it once before, so I know it's possible, the hardest part is just putting my mind to it - and the first week of a diet always seems to be the hardest... :P

In some wonderful theatre news, Luba Mason (who is a friend of Kevin's and appeared with him in "Ten Commandments") is going to be the next Velma Kelly in the Broadway cast of "Chicago" :) I'm always SO happy to see LA based theatre performers get great roles on Broadway. :) Stephanie Block said it best when she said (at the 2003 Robbys) that LA performers were the best - nowhere could you find people who would be willing to drive 100 miles (sometimes in each direction) to perform at a 99 seater, for very little publicity and very little pay - just because they love the theatre so much. It's the reason I think LA theatre is so special and it's why I admire people like Kevin, Julie, Misty, Nick, Damon, etc... SO much.

And finally, on the "kind of too embarrassed to really mention" side to this entry, I received my tickets to Chad Brannon's event in July in the mail yesterday. I don't watch soaps at all anymore (and haven't for about 4 years now), but I'm going to be in LA to see Kevin in "Guys & Dolls" the same weekend as Chad's event and I thought it might be nice to see some of my old Chad friends there - not to mention Chad himself. I did manage to run in to him in October when I was at "Ten Commandments," but I haven't really seen him since. It should be interesting though since there are a lot of "interesting" fans at those events... Plus gigglets is coordinating it, and it'll be really nice to see Pat there since I haven't seen her since our NYC "Millie" trip in January of LAST year.

I'm off to take a much needed shower and hunt down my fuzzy dog. Hope you all have a nice evening. :D
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