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Tony time zone woes and apples that taste like grapes? :P

So it's Tony evening and all the Tony awards have been given out on the East Coast, yet here I sit, two hours before the Tony telecast is even supposed to begin here in my time-zone challenged state. :( I've tried my hardest to be good about it and not go to any theatre message boards to find out the winners, but really - since most of my internet browsing is theatre related, it isn't possible for me to go ANYWHERE without finding something out! :P

In non-Tony news, I spent the morning in Haleiwa taking photos. At first, my only objective was wanting to take pictures of people with "character" so I got in my car this morning and drove... I ended up in Haleiwa (where there are TONS of people with "character" - but the problem was they had so much "character" that I ended up being afraid to photograph some of them) ;). I did take several rolls of black & white film, and one roll of color so I guess I'll have to wait and see if I got anything at all. ;)

Which brings to me my senseless photo rant... can I just say how frustrating it is that NO ONE in Hawaii processes professional B&W film anymore? There were several labs where I used to take my film when I worked in town, but two of them closed down and the only one that's still open is only open from 8am - 5pm (the exact hours that I work, mind you) Monday - Friday and is halfway across the island from my office. :P What really kills me is that if I had the chemicals and the facilities, I could do it myself and not have to worry about driving all the way out there and wasting my lunch hour. :( (Sorry - that's the end of my senseless photo rant, I promise)

On a completely different note, I ruined my "healthier eating" plan in a BIG way this weekend. :P Mark & I ate at Shiro's (which is a local saimin place) and had heavenly good saimin, with gravy fries. :) It was SO good, but SO bad for me and about a bazillion calories! :P Because of the guilt I felt from all that eating during lunch, I stopped by the market on the way home to buy some fruits. I ended up buying "Grapples" - which are apples that look like apples, but are supposed to taste like grapes. I'm very curious to see how they taste since I've never heard of such a thing before!

I'm off to NOT look for the Tony results... I'm trying my hardest to be a good girl! ;) Before I leave, I just wanted to wish vsprtn a Happy Birthday today! Hope you had a great one, Anna! :)
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