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I didn't think it could happen...

I've actually OD'ed on "West Wing" ;) Between my season 3 dvd marathons last week, yesterday's season 4 marathon on Bravo, and finding and reading A LOT of Josh and Donna fan fic, I've officially OD'ed on the show - who knew it was possible? ;) I think I'll try to steer clear of "West Wing" for a while - at least until after I get back from my trip. ;)

Got some good news in email today, apparently my friend gigglets and her husband Kevin are coming to Hawaii to visit in February! I'm SO excited because since I've known her (which has been about five years) she's always talked about coming here for a visit. How nice that it'll finally be happening! :D It's usually me going out to the East Coast to visit her, so this should be a wonderful change! :)

In other lovely friend news, I'm so happy that I'll be seeing lindasings during this coming LA trip! :D I'd been trying to convince her to see "Guys & Dolls" with me, but the drive was much too far for her. Today I got an email saying that she was interested in seeing "Ghost & Mrs. Muir" with me on the 14th! I'm so excited! This is going to be a GREAT trip! :D

Also, on a theatre note, I found out that "The Wild Party" (in which Misty starred and Nick directed and which I sadly missed the first time) was so popular that they've booked an encore performance! Of course, that's GREAT news for all the wonderful people involved with the show! The only sad part to all of this is that it's on July 19th... and I leave LA on the 18th! :( Ahhhh! Could my timing get any worse? Dammit. :P

Speaking of bad timing, it's official - I can't go with Mark & his family to Japan in October. :( I just found out today that our OSJ audit has been scheduled for the week of the family trip and since it's my job to make sure the audit runs smoothly, I have to be there. :P I'm sure Mark will have a great time though - especially since he's never been to Japan before. :D I told him to take a lot of pictures for me. :)

I'd better run and grab a much needed shower (it feels like a sauna in here!) :P Hope you all have a nice evening! :D
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