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Miracle of miracles...

I'm actually almost completely packed for my trip tomorrow evening... and I didn't even panic this time on the day of my flight like I usually do. ;) I just need to do a few last minute things (like pack my cell phone charger and iPod) and I'll be set to leave tomorrow night. :)

Today was such a great internet day. :) It started off with a lovely email from Misty who I hadn't heard from in a while (I'd always envisioned that she was upset with me because I always fail to update her site) :P But thankfully, she was VERY gracious and SO sweet (as she always is) and told me about the encore performance of "The Wild Party" - which sadly I won't be able to see since I leave LA a day too early! :( Hopefully I'll be able to see her in at least one show in LA before the year is over since the last time I really saw her on stage was three years ago in "Anyone Can Whistle". :P

Secondly, I found the first mention of "Guys & Dolls" on the internet so far... A rave of sorts from a VERY tough fan-critic! :D I'm thrilled! I'm so excited to see it and to see what Nick's done with the show! :D

Aside from the wonderful fan review mention, I also found a GREAT article & interview with the cast of "Guys & Dolls" from the LA Daily News. :) Reading the article, I already LOVE Nick's approach to the characterization of the leads and even though I've seen Kevin as Sky in "Guys & Dolls" before, I'm ultimately interested in seeing how Nick's direction can add to Kevin's performance. :)

I'd better run and entertain the fuzzy dog. Right now she's trying to get my attention by nosing around my suitcase. ;) Hope you all have a nice evening!
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