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I know that I said I wouldn't mention my websites anymore for a while, but I have to share some good news - I finally got in touch with Dave who updated the DNS info on and I was able to upload my files to the new server! :) Kevin's site is online again! :D Thanks so much to everyone who put up with me while I was trying to deal with this for the past few days. :)

In Sydney news, Mark & I have been putting VitaGravy in her dry dog food on the weekends. :) We bought a bottle at the last Pet Expo that we went to because we thought she'd enjoy a little variety every now and then. She LOVES it! It normally takes her a while to eat her regular dry food because she'll sniff it, eat some, walk away - try to beg for our food, then when she realizes that we won't give her any, she'll reluctantly eat it. We were happily surprised when her food was gone within a matter of minutes when we used the gravy!

The only problem is that we're afraid that she'll start to expect it every meal. :P Tonight when we put the dry food in her dish, she looked at it for a long time, then up at us as if to say, "Hello? Gravy please?" ;) We'll probably only use it on the weekends sparingly or she'll never go back to eating plain dry dog food again. ;P

In other news, I've been eating WAY too much! With all the stress-eating we've all been doing at work lately AND the no exercise evenings I've been having, I've been fitting into my "pre-diet" clothes again! :( I know that I have to turn my eating habits around soon, but with Mark's birthday and the conversion at work coming up, I don't know how I'll be able to. :P

Speaking of Mark, he's going to be away in Las Vegas next weekend with my in-laws on a family trip. Unfortunately, with the upcoming conversion at work, I wasn't able to go with them. :( I know he'll have fun though since he's more of a Vegas person than I am (I enjoy gambling, but he LOVES it) and it'll be a good chance for me to catch up with some work around the house while he's gone. It might also be a perfect time to start my new "healthy eating" plan (since when he's home we always end up eating out on the weekends). :P

Hope you all have a nice evening! I'm off to tweak the Bets site a little more. :D
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