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Hubby's birthday. :)

First of all, I wanted to thank you all for the kind birthday wishes for Mark on Thursday. He really got a kick that you remembered him (especially because he hasn't posted to his LJ in MONTHS!) :) For his birthday, I wanted to take him to a new Tapas place that opened in Restaurant Row, but when he looked at the website and saw the cost and the plates of food that they offered, he said that he would much rather go to a less upscale place where he could eat A LOT of really good food (he's all about the quantity) so he suggested California Pizza Kitchen. At first, I tried to talk him out of it because it didn't seem like it was special enough for his big birthday celebration, but he said he'd been craving CPK for a long time and really wanted to go... so who was I to argue? :)

We adore CPK anyway and hadn't been there for a while so it was really nice. In keeping with the theme for the evening of "quantity" we ended up having a HUGE eat-fest that night. :) We ordered the spinach-artichoke dip, a half salad each, then a Sicilian Pizza each -- on top of all of that, we even shared a dessert! :) Our waitress was really sweet. We knew that she was amazed by how much we were ordering and when we were done she told us, "I'm so proud of you guys - you guys did well!" :D It was a nice evening and I'm glad that we decided to go there. :)

And after months of agonizing over what to buy Mark, I finally decided to buy him the entire set of "Ghost In The Shell" which is a Japanese amine series that he'd been really wanting to get. At first it was hard to find the entire series (well, only up until vol. 7), and it took me a while to find them all, but thankfully I found the last one the day before his birthday. :) Mark really liked it and is excited about putting it on his PDA so he can watch on the plane when he goes to Las Vegas next week. :)

And a happy (silly) sidenote to his birthday - this usually begins the part of the year that I like the most - this is the half of the year that Mark can't tease me for being older than he is. ;) Now that we're both 35, I won't be hearing any old jokes until January. :D

Hope you're all having a nice Saturday, I'm off to do some work around the house before Mark & I head to Ruby Tuesday to continue our celebratory eat-fest (yes - next week when Mark is in Vegas will be the start to my "healthy eating plan" again - I promise!) :)
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