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My poor travel-stressed Hubby...

Mark was just up here a minute ago staring vapidly into his suitcase muttering, "Shirts, shoes, socks..." to himself... ;) He always gets this way before a trip - which only proves how different we really are. ;) My theory is - if I forget to pack something, that's a good excuse to go shopping! ;) For him, it's all about fearing the unknown. Mark has a thing about liking to know exactly how things turn out before he's fully comfortable in any situation. Gotta love our yin/yang relationship - it must be why we get along so well together - we must even each other out in some strange way. :D

So Mark is leaving for Vegas tomorrow with his family - and though I'll miss him, I know that he'll have a great time. :) Apparently, he's sharing a room with his sister (who's two years younger and unmarried). He jokingly told me that if ANYONE during the course of the trip referred to her as his wife he'd be completely offended! ;) I'm really going to miss him a lot!

In some wonderful website news, I just heard from Bets who happened to see the site I created for her last week and sent over a VERY sweet email. :) I was a little worried when I saw her email sitting in my inbox - the site isn't completely finished and I was so worried about what she'd think about it (I always worry when the subjects of my sites view it for the first time...) Thankfully she was SO gracious and VERY sweet. She's wonderful! :)

I'm off to spend some time with my hubby who's probably downstairs, as I type this, staring out into space muttering to himself the contents of his suitcase again... ;) Hope you all have a nice evening. :) *HUGS*
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