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Ugh... Humidity and some Julie and Kevin praising!

It's been so hot and humid here lately that each night it's turned into a race to get to the prime spot right in front of the fan. :) Nine times out of ten, though - the fuzzy dog will win. ;) She just loves to block the wind from the fan with her big furry butt and simply WILL NOT move. :P No amount of coaxing or prodding will tear her away from that fan - and believe me, we've tried. :) I guess we really need to invest in an AC soon! :P

In theatre news, Shira posted some wonderful photos of Kevin from his performance in "Camelot" on Sunday night. :) I think he looked great, and he's probably one of the only ones who could pull off that orange-ish outfit (he successfully pulled off that purple suit in Millie, after all!) ;)

Speaking of the Earleys, I just have to mention (again...sorry!) what a sweet and gracious person Julie Ann is! The more I get to know her, the more thoughtful and kind I find her to be. :) I'd always been really afraid that the more her career took off, the less approachable she'd become - but she's still very much the same sweet, thoughtful person she's always been. :) She's the best! :) Speaking of which, I think her episode of "The Inside" will be airing next week Wednesday, please tune in to see her if you can. :D

This is a game of tag. You have to answer the questions below and then TAG six of your friends. You are offered three sets of questions. You can choose any set of questions that you want to answer. Then tag six of your friends.

Set 1.
List 3 things that bug you that others may find trivial.
1. Really hot and humid weather (especially at night when I'm trying to sleep)
2. Narrow-mindedness
3. Homophobia (I don't expect anyone to find this trivial, but I had to list it since I find it aggravating)

Set 2.
List 3 things that make chocolate even better.
1. If they were 0 calories, but tasted just as wonderful! (I know, it's not happening!) ;)
2. Melted over salty potato chips (and no, I still haven't eaten any yet!) :P
3. Warm and gooey over some ice cream! (YUM! This question is SO bad for my diet!) ;)

Set 3.
List 3 things you'd rather be doing than playing a game of LJ tag.
1. Watching some great theatre in LA... (Ah! The theatre withdrawal I have!)
2. Eating banana coldstone ice cream with strawberries, blueberries, & graham crackers! :)
3. Very few things - I like doing these memes. :)

So, I tag:

I'm off to update Kevin's site and catch up with all of you. :) Hope you all have a nice evening! :)

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