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Sydney Dog's Top 5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

It's been a while since I've done a fuzzy dog picture post and I thought it was long overdue - so I got out my digital and followed the poor fuzzy dog around the house this afternoon. It was unusually hot and humid today - even for summer and I thought it would be nice for Sydney to share her secrets for staying cool this summer. :)

Top Five Ways To Beat the Summer Heat
By Sydney Dog :)

1. Always try to keep cool by staying in strategic areas of the house.
Note: refrigerators have the extra nice benefit of possible falling goodies. ;)

2. Always keep hydrated by drinking LOTS of water and occasionally begging (how demeaning) for an ice cube or two. :)

3. Always remember that fans in the house are there for you to block! It's your duty as a fuzzy dog to block the wind from any and all fans in the house on hot days like today. ;)

4. When all other cooling options have failed, popsicles work wonders and aside from making your tongue red, will provide a refreshing way to cool off this summer. :)

5. Don't forget to check the weather forecast on Weather.Com.
Looks like tomorrow will be another scorcher! :( *SIGH*
Repeat steps 1-5 all over again tomorrow! :P

Hope you all have a nice evening! :)
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