Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

Got my tickets for the Mother's Day concert... the mail today. Woo hoo! Row B - Yay! It certainly pays to call in advance - which reminds me... I checked out the ticket situation at the Hollywood Bowl and it STINKS!! The closest we can all get is the SuperSeats which we will no doubt need binoculars for. :( I'll be there next weekend when the box office opens so hopefully I'll be able to get seats in the Superseat section...

In non-ticket news: Went shopping at Ward Warehouse today with Mark and found a perfect baby gift for Julie - which I'll probably just drop off at the Colony when I'm there next weekend. :) I also had to stop at Hawaii Doggie Bakery and get a treat for Sydney. I can't believe that a store that custom bakes dog treats was SO busy (it was just crowded with people!) - I guess that's just proof that more and more people these days regard their dogs as members of the family. :)

Speaking of Sydney - she got me up this morning at 4:30, barking at...God knows what. I woke up to find her standing next to me, looking down at me and barking. I don't know, maybe she thought it was a Friday and I would be late for work? Sydney certainly makes a good alarm, but she's got to learn about weekends... ;)

And I stole this from girlsunderpants with apologies:

TWENTY YEARS AGO: 1983. I was 13 years old and in the eighth grade. I had a major crush on a boy named Grant who played tennis for our school. My friends and I would hang out at the mall on the weekends and at each other's houses after school. My favorite book/movie during that time period was "The Outsiders" - I read the book so many times I could recite the whole first chapter by memory. I adored Rob Lowe (okay...I was young and he had a better rep back then), Dwight Clark (of the 49ers), and it was the year I saw my first "R" rated movie "Risky Business". :)

FIFTEEN YEARS AGO: 1988. I was 18 and this was the year I graduated from high school. I was going out with a college guy that I met the previous summer in a study-program at the university who my parents absolutely hated. I was a band geek (in the flag corp) and my "flag friends" meant everything to me. I adored University of Hawaii Baseball and I used to go to a lot of the games with my Dad.

TEN YEARS AGO: 1993. I was 23 and this was the year I graduated from college (Brooks Institute of Photography) with my degree in ... Photography (duh). I was between boyfriends, but the most recent (horrible boyfriend!! Blech!) came up to Santa Barbara to go to my graduation (on my Mother's money...) and spent entirely too long lounging in my apartment making an absolute nuisance of himself. It was the longest week of my life! I adored Angels baseball and Gary DiSarcina, JT Snow (yes, when he played for the Angels), Tim Salmon, and Chuck Crim were my favorite players. :)

FIVE YEARS AGO: 1998. I was 28 and this was the year that I got married. :) I had already been working at the bank for about 3 years and I had just been promoted to the Investment Department. Mark and I had been living in our house for about a year and Sydney was a year old and FINALLY starting to be a good dog (she was a terror as a puppy!!) This was the year before I knew anything about the internet and I had just gotten this very computer a year before. I was a pure soapy at the time and loved "Guiding Light".

ONE YEAR AGO: 2002. I was busy planning my trip with Mark to LA to see Kevin in "Follies". I started my web site for Julie Dixon Jackson. Renovations on our branch were just finished and I finally could go to work without sneezing from all the dust.

YESTERDAY: Fought traffic, went to work, and then fought traffic again. :( Got that email from that casting guy for Kevin (which I still don't think he got, BTW...) and almost fell asleep at my computer. :P

TOMORROW: I have to get my packing done and my aunt and uncle in-laws are taking Mark & I out to eat Japanese food for dinner. :)


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