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Whoever the "garden menehune" was...

...will be mighty upset with us. :( I swear we watered the ground cover, I swear we did. When I came home from work today I noticed that it was a wee bit...DEAD. :( Oh well, just got back from watering it just now and hopefully it'll revive itself...I was never really good with plants... and Mark....well, we won't even mention Mark since he had the whole day off and it didn't even occur to him to water it... :(

I'm off in a bit to go to the in-laws for a big family dinner (my Mom will be joining us for the first time this year). It's Julie's (Mark's sister) birthday tonight and so we got her a GC to Borders (I let Mark pick out her gift since he knows better what she'd appreciate). We usually don't stay too long there... once the fireworks in the neighborhood start getting a bit bad, we grab Sydney and head home. (She's somehow less afraid of the fireworks when she's in a familiar setting like our house).

We still have to put up our mochi and kadomatsu (the traditional Japanese things we set around our house for good luck). And we usually head over to eat a brunch at Orchids in Hale Kulani on New Year's Day, but this year we've decided to save some money since we'll be going to NYC in February... We'll still be heading over to my Mom's for dinner though and Sydney will get to spend time with the "crazy" dog (my Mom's Japanese Spitz - Yuki) :)

It's been a wonderful year - I was going to recap my best memories, but then they all involved traveling with Mark, friends, etc and seeing Kevin's shows so I thought I'd spare everyone all the "Kevin-isms" this time...:) Though I have to say that one of the best things (on the Kevin side of things) that happened all year was that the site became "official"... I have sooooo many other great memories that involve other aspects of my life, but because I put so much into the creation of his site, and it's something I love doing (more than anything) it was an extremely wonderful moment to hear Kevin say, "I'd love to make it official." :):):):):) **sigh**

Well, it's off to the in-laws... :) Happy New Year, everyone! Be safe!

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