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Some photos of my weekend trip. :)

The one thing I love about photos is the way they bring back such wonderful memories of moments that I might've otherwise forgotten... So I thought, in addition to sharing some photos of our recent trip, I'd share a little something that I'll always remember when I see the photo years from now. :) Most of them are from the concert on Saturday night, but a few of them were from the "Sheri & Mark eat their way through Los Angeles" series. ;)

Mark & I caught up with Kevin before the concert and he immediately took us down to the booth where Julie Ann was selling his new CD. :) I'll always remember him pointing out a promo poster for his CD which was taped to a trash can and saying, "Look it's even on a trash can, we're just shameless!" :)

This is my favorite photo of Kevin and Julie! They're laughing because I had to take the photo again - Kevin was making a strange smirk in the first one... "Kevin! What kind of face was that?" I teased him. "What?? I didn't do anything!!" He kept saying. :D

After the concert Kevin had a mini-CD signing. :) I'll always remember what care he took in making sure everyone's name was spelled correctly and Julie telling him that they needed to get a CD opener because most of the time he (as well as the people waiting to see him) couldn't get the cellophane off the CDs. :)

The one and only photo I have of the four of us. :) This is when Julie told me that if she wasn't wearing high heels she'd be as tall as I am... How sweet, is she? :) What I didn't tell her was that I was wearing high heels too and I'd be INCREDIBLY short if I wasn't. ;)

And yes, this starts the log of our wonderful eating experiences in LA. Here we are consuming about 2 billion calories and throwing our diets right out the window. :P

And no California trip would be complete without a trip to In N Out burger. Yes, we look really silly and lame here, but isn't that what travel photos are all about anyway? To capture the silly fun times? :)

Well, I'm off to work on some sound clips of Kevin's CD for the site, hope you all have a nice evening. :D
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