December 22nd, 2002

Doug & Sheri

Is it almost Christmas?

It seems strange that when I was a child, Christmas couldn't come fast that I'm seems to come all too fast. :P At least all my shopping is done and all my cards are out...I'm in relatively okay shape this year, though I really can't say that I'm feeling any of the Christmas spirit. Odd, because I used to love this time of year so much...what's happened to me? Now all it's become is a time when there's too much traffic, I spend too much money, eat too much...I guess I've just become really cynical in my old age. :(

Okay, got some bad news today... Gavin Creel will NOT be performing in "Thoroughly Modern Millie" when Pat, Kevin, Mark, and I are up in NYC this Feb. :( Just the type of luck I'm used to... He's missing 33 performances total to film the "Eloise" TV movies and of course it has to be the weekend that I have tickets. It wouldn't be too bad if I lived closer to NY, but the 12 hour plane ride there is sort of a bitch and to NOT be able to see Gavin really stinks, IMO. But, hey...I'm not bitter. :) He's not my favorite performer - so I'm not completely bent out of shape, that would be Kevin, but he sure does come close...

Favorite Theatre Performers (Male):
1. Kevin Earley!!!!
2. Ben Davis
3. Gavin Creel
4. Chad Kimball
5. Norm Lewis

Favorite Theatre Performers (Female):
1. Julie Dixon Jackson
2. Sutton Foster
3. Diana Kaarina
4. Kim Huber
5. Kerry Butler

I'm going through some serious theatre withdrawal right about now... The girls seem to be lukewarm about Kevin's next show in February (I can hardly blame them since the tickets are rather pricey and it's all the way out in Palm Springs), no new news has surfaced about Kevin's August concert with the Philharmonic and really... who, except for me is thinking about musical theatre at a busy time of year like now? I know... I need a life or at least one that has nothing to do with the stage...

Ah, okay... this entry was pretty pointless. I'll get the hang of this eventually... really I will :).
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