January 8th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Several things...

...First off, I think Sydney has a bit of a flea problem. She was doing so well staying flea-free before her encounters with my Mom's crazy dog Yuki over the holidays. Now she's scratching a lot more and although I haven't seen any actual fleas, I'm pretty sure our carpets are now infested...blech! At least it's better than that tick problem she had when she was a puppy.

I have to say that I was out-of-my-mind surprised to receive a wedding invitation from one of my old co-workers the other day. I see her off and on (run into her at the mall and at restaurants here and there sometimes) but haven't really gotten to talk with her recently. I was so happy to hear that she's getting married, partially due to the fact that she was previously in a no-win, very bad relationship when I knew her and it's nice to see she's met someone who will make her happy. :) Her wedding is March 15th...I can't wait.

Firmed up my reservations for the "City of Angels" trip in Feb. Got my plane tickets, show tickets (decided to see Misty Cotton in "Anyone Can Whistle" while I'm in town, plus decided to catch "Fuddy Meers" at the Colony since it's only about 5 minutes away from my hotel.), hotel reservations...the only thing I need is a rental car, but priceline didn't like my price of $15 a day for an economy car so I need to try again next week. :( The best part of this whole trip? Sumi and Bobbie will be joining me and I always enjoy spending time with them.

And the weather here seems to be getting rather...cold. Okay cold for me is anything below 60 degrees. And it's odd, but when I'm traveling on the East Coast during the winter, the cold weather doesn't bother me too much, but have it drop here below 60 and I'm getting out that extra blanket. :P

Susan wants to see "Chicago" and asked if I wanted to go with her because Fredrick refuses to see it. Of course I told her that I'd love to go. Mark found out and asked if he could intrude on our "girls night out". :) Susan grudgingly told him that he could. :) We both agreed on a matinee since Susan's saving for her wedding and I'm just plain saving for my trips.

Oh and it was a bad Jaycee day...seems that people found out I wasn't going to go to convention at all this weekend and started to have that "She hasn't done anything this year" tone in their voices. I'm disappointed at myself for not doing as much as I should've in my position in office this year - and I guess the guilt is making me think that everyone is pointing their finger at me as a reason the Community Development area was so lacking in the chapters this year. And maybe they are? Who knows? All I know is that I did give it my all once (the year I was President) and now I'm just soo tired of it all - and it's almost over - just one more day.

What else? Oh yeah, irking work related stuff having to do with "the other one", but I'll refrain from mentioning it so I can try to get through the week with at least a portion of my sanity intact... Other than that, a pretty standard Wednesday. BTW, I've gotten so spoiled with Christmas and New Year's lately that I was thinking, today is Wednesday, isn't it supposed to be a holiday of some sort?
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