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13 January 2003 @ 09:02 pm
...due to a faulty cable modem, I ended up internet-less the entire weekend. No email, no ebay, no message boards, and most importantly no updating my web site. :( I never realized how much time I spent online until the internet was taken away from me. I scrapbooked (finished another Sydney page for her puppy album! Yay!) did crosswords, watched tv (something I haven't done in ages!), and instead of Sydney coming up to me, bringing me her toys, it was me going up to her saying, "Sydney, don't you want to play?" :)

No Jaycees this weekend - though I did catch the convention reports from Susan today. It amazes me how an organization that does such great things for so many people (which is really why I joined in the first place) could end up being an organization that I just don't want to be a part of anymore. I must say, the Jaycees that I joined are no more... I guess it's just time for me to move on - I'll miss the people, but definitely not all the politics and drama that goes along with it...

Tomorrow is my monthly dinner with Susan. we're going to Verbanos to talk about the Jaycees, our men, her wedding plans, our web sites, etc. Just what I really need right now to rejuvenate me. :) Sometimes it's amazing what just sitting with a good friend can do for your spirits. :) I can't wait.

Mom said that they're looking for teachers in Hawaii. She suggested Mark apply...and I relayed the suggestion to him. He just scoffed and said, "Doesn't your Mom know I hate kids?" He was semi-joking, of course, however, looks like it'll be more than a few years before I can bring up our own "let's have a child" conversation again. :( Gee, is that a clock I hear ticking loudly in my ear??
Current Mood: okayokay