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18 January 2003 @ 04:10 pm
...we must be the only office in history to continuously plan our holiday party so late in January. It's always on the same weekend every year and oddly enough, this is the first year I'm actually able to make it since I have no pending Jaycee duties anymore. :) It's at the Oahu Country Club this year, so if nothing else, the food should be pretty good.

Speaking of Jaycees, I got an email (actually two) the other day asking me to renew my membership for another year. Not gonna do it...I usually have a hard time saying I won't do things, but I'm standing pretty firm on this one. Apparently Susan got the same email.

Spent most of my day carelessly spending money and waiting for my car to be serviced. Little story, I was driving home the other night from work when my cell phone rings.

Me: "Hello?"
Mark: "Hey, it's me...I'm right behind you."
Me: (looking in my rear view mirror) "That is you, I thought I felt someone staring at my ass..."
Mark: "Did you know your safety check expired in December?"

AHHHH! Couldn't believe it...I'm usually very good about following the law. I bought my car in Feb and registration was due in Jan, I just assumed that the safety check expired in January as well. Lucky thing I didn't get pulled over by the police these past two weeks...Yipes!

So, I went to get my safety check and had my car serviced. In the meantime, I went to the scrapbook store and spent the GC Susan got me (plus an additional $25...jeez...must be a ploy by the scrapbook people knowing I could never just spend $30 in their store at a time...) Then, because my car still wasn't ready, I went to look in Tower Records and I ended up spending another $30 or so buying the "La Boheme" CD (finally!!) and the original cast recording of "City of Angels". :)

My car ended up costing me close to $70! So it was a banner money spending day for me and I guess I've already broken one of my New Year's resolutions... :( And it's only the third weekend in January... Not doing so well on my resolutions this year, I guess...

Anyway, I'm off to get ready for my work's holiday party. Should be great, especially since "the other one" won't be there tonight. BTW, my boss has been throwing around some cryptic remarks lately regarding the work situation... saying things like, "Be patient with me about the set up here, I'm working on fixing it." And "You and Mark aren't still seriously considering moving to the mainland, are you?" Huh. One can only wonder...
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