January 19th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Watching the Golden Globes right now...

...and darn it, but "Taken" didn't win the award for Best Miniseries. :( After seeing they didn't win, I kind of lost interest in watching the rest of the awards. I realize that Julie wasn't the one up for the award and if "Taken" had won, then the one who would've gotten most of the recognition would be Steven Spielberg (which would've been rightfully deserved), but it would've been nice.

I'm disappointed, but not as much as I was when Kevin relayed the news that he didn't win the Ovation award for Best Actor this year... He's such a great sport about all of these things and takes everything in stride. I think the thing that always impressed me the most about him was that he never takes himself too seriously. I, on the other hand, want him to win every award he can - and I want him to hurry up and get his butt back to Broadway and get a Tony... I think he's the most talented actor (and best singer - by far) than anyone I've ever seen on stage and I think it's a shame that more people aren't exposed to his talent - but then again, I may be a tad bit biased... ;)

Tomorrow's a holiday! :) I can't believe it...I so rarely have holidays when I'm not traveling or don't have anything Jaycee to do. Should be nice to sleep in (if Sydney doesn't wake me) ;) and spend the day puttering around the house and running errands. I'm actually kind of enjoying work now (for the first time in a long time...) so I don't feel the real need for a day off, but it's nice to have one just to get refreshed so when I go back on Tuesday, I'll be raring to go. :)

Mark actually seems excited about our NYC trip...just not to me. He showed his co-worker, Jackie the map I sent him in a link and explained to her in detail where we would be staying and where all the shows we were going to see were. :) He'd never let on to me how excited he was, though... with me, he just acts as though he's nervous. I think he watches too much "Law & Order". :P
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