February 6th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Feeling a bit overwhelmed at work these days...

...with tax season in full swing - and it's really showing itself in horrible ways... I got a call in the morning from a girl upstairs whose voice I didn't recognize - I was sure she sounded like someone else. She never left her name just asked me to have my boss call her. I was at least thinking clearly enough to ask, "What's your extension?" She told me, I wrote it down, didn't check who I thought it was against my phone list and wrote the wrong person's name down... OOPS...

Saw this in the MASH community and had to try it. I figured when I answered the first question with "non-alcoholic beverage" I was going to end up as either Father Mulcahy or Radar. I'm glad I wasn't Radar...

Click here to take the M*A*S*H quiz!

On Saturday night, Mark and I are going to a karaoke get together that Susan planned. She invited all the friends we have from the Jaycees that we don't get to see anymore since we've quit. I really don't like karaoke too much (this one has private rooms so at least we aren't singing to an entire crowd of people we don't know...) but I'll go to see my friends. And for someone who dislikes karaoke as much as I do, I sure spent a lot of time at it recently - I just went to a karaoke night that my boss planned the day that "the other one" found out she was leaving us... They never have the songs I want to sing anyway... :(

One week until New York! So much to do...but so little energy left to actually do it. :( I'm really excited about the trip and seeing all the shows (we're seeing "Les Mis", "Hairspray", "Thoroughly Modern Millie", "Urinetown", "Oklahoma!", and "Chicago"). :) Should be a wonderful trip.
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