February 11th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Had a little trouble sleeping last night...

...Between being anxious about the New York trip and worried since everyone around me seems to have come down with the stomach flu...I was maybe able to get in about a good four hours of sleep last night. Didn't help that all the way home my Mom kept reminding me that a target terrorism area is NYC and that they were watching hotels, subways, and airports especially. Well,...those are all the places I'll be for the next week.

My feeling is why live life in fear? I mean, really - if I lived my life always afraid of what might happen, in a way, to me that would be like dying - just in slow motion. I'd much rather live my life to the fullest and if it's my time, I'd rather go without any regrets than live a loooong life, afraid every moment that something "might" happen. People are shocked that Mark & I are still planning to go to NY even with everything that's going on - I think we're both more afraid of catching the dreaded stomach virus that's making its way around here before our trip. My boss' wife refuses to let him travel (he has a trip a week after I get back). I can understand her point of view since they have two children to think about. I'm sure my view on this whole thing would change with children in the picture...

Anyway...we packed last night (it was actually pretty productive) and all we really have left to do is put in our last minute things (the CDs I need for plane but I can't take out of my car yet, my cell phone charger, etc...) Considering we're leaving tomorrow night, I think we're in pretty good shape.

Mark's in his weird, "I'm stressed because we're going to travel" state right now. He's sort of a grouch - which is the only downside to traveling with him. He's always like this when we travel and it's only due to the fact that he knows he'll have to be out of his comfort zone for an extended period of time. I love him enormously, but this is why I usually travel by myelf...

Road runner's been acting up again... I think we've attributed it to a bad cable connection and not a modem problem or their service. Kinda stinks, but last night it took me until about 9pm to finally check email. :( They're going to come to look at it after we get back from NY. It'll be sad if we get back from the trip and can't get on the internet - Oh the withdrawal! :)
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