February 18th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Stuck here in Manhattan...

....I'm still here in NYC. Our flight was supposed to have left yesterday morning at 9am, but with the huge Blizzard that hit and all the airports closed, the soonest the airlines said they could get us out of here was Thursday! So, we're facing another couple of days in the city. It could be worse - we could be stuck at the airport like I saw some unfortunate tourists on the news. At least we still have our hotel room and we're in Manhattan and can take advantage of the extra days out here by trying to see some more shows. Called home and everything is okay with work and Sydney...so all seems well - especially since I found an "EasyInternetCafe" within walking distance from our hotel. :o)

I'll re-cap the trip when I get home. :)
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