March 11th, 2003

Side Show

Insomnia strikes again :o(

I should be sleeping, but all I can think about is work and all the problems there. Seems like the more I try to put it out of my mind, the more I think about it and dwell on it.

Because I can't sleep and I'd rather be thinking of happier things, I thought I'd try to get my mind off things by recapping a few of the shows I saw in NY while I was there. It just occurred to me that none of my past journal entries ever mentioned the week that I was in NY (except for being snowed in) I must've been too side tracked with the Robby Awards...or something.


* Christopher Sieber as Trevor Graydon in "Thoroughly Modern Millie"!!! As much as I like Marc Kudisch, Chris gave the role a silliness that I loved and had wonderful facial expression and gestures. Loved him in the drunken scene - he looked depressed, confused, and disheveled all at once. One of the funniest things was when the cast came out for their curtain call, he still had the look of confusion on his face (breaking it only to smile when he took his bow).

* Kerry Butler who was wonderful TWICE as the hilarious and squeaky Penny Pingleton in "Hairspray". She was delightful and had one of the best voices in the cast - not to mention was a real sweetheart at the stage door afterward. She's one of the best reasons to see the show, IMO. (Harvey & Dick Lattessa being the other two :))

* "Urinetown"!!! Hunter Foster was wonderful and very captivating as Bobby Strong (and had a stage presence that you would not believe!!) John Cullum was hilarious and terrific as the evil Cladwell. I loved the quirky sense of humor and the little one liners that broke the fourth wall. It was simply one of the best shows I'd seen all week.

* "Take Me Out"....what a great show! I usually don't care for straight plays, but this story about a team in the major leagues was moving, hilarious, and thought-provoking. The acting was fabulous, but I especially loved Denis O'Hare who stole virtually every scene he was in.


* Stephen Buntrock as Curly in "Oklahoma!"... He's certainly a wonderful leading man (hard to take your eyes off him when he's on stage...) His voice was beautiful and his acting was terrific. I didn't enjoy the show itself as much... Three hours seemed rather long for this show, sorry to say...

* Getting the opportunity to see Shoshana Bean in the role of Tracy Turnblad in Wednesday's matinee of "Hairspray". It was great to see the differences in acting and singing styles from Marissa (who we saw on Thursday night). Marissa seemed to have more of a "cutsie" acting style, which, I think suited Tracy more, but I enjoyed Shoshana's voice a little more.

* ...that "Les Miserables" can still evoke such emotion in me even after having seen and heard it so many times. J. Mark McVey was a powerful Valjean - but still can't beat my favorite, Craig Schulmann. Diana Kaarina was wonderful as Eponine (though having seen both Lea and Sutton in the role it's really hard to compare). And Christopher Mark Peterson was okay as Enjolras, but I'm just a tad bit biased... ;)


* ...that I never got to see Jeff McCarthy as Officer Lockstock in "Urinetown"

* ...that BOTH times we saw "Hairspray" we didn't get to see Linda Hart as Velma Von Tussel.

* ...Terrence Mann as Javert. Sorry, JMHO but there was really nothing special about his performance other than the initial novelty of actually being able to see him live on stage.

* We never found the "Oklahoma!" stage door...(The Gershwin is a beautiful theatre, but we had trouble finding everything...even the door to the actual seats once we were inside...)

* "Chicago" - sorry, not my kind of show, I guess...

But, the best show I saw the entire two weeks I was gone? Oddly enough, "Fuddy Meers" at the Colony Theatre in Burbank. Sure surprised the heck out of me! I only went in to see Anjali and a few others I knew who worked there... I never expected to be so totally taken with this quirky show! What was even more surprising was that it was a straight play (and I'm a musical person through and through). Nick (DeGruccio) and Jodi (Carlisle) stole every scene they were in. And I just have to add, Nick is so lovable you just want to hug the man every time you see him, least I do. :)

Off to try to sleep (again) this time with happier theatre thoughts...
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