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I finally got around to washing my car (Yay!) and it'll probably rain tomorrow - if my past history is any indication... :(

I finally made up my mind and ordered our tickets for Donna McKechnie's show in May (thanks Adam :)) And decided against "She Loves Me" during the trip this coming weekend -I would love to see it, but I'm not sure I'll be able to make it to the 7pm show after seeing the matinee of "Carousel" in Thousand Oaks - and not all that sure I want to expend the effort this time around. After all, hearing Kevin sing "Soliloquy" and seeing Bobbie, Laura, and Marina again will make the trip more than worth it for me. :)

Haven't done any work on Kevin's site in eons and I've been wondering how Dave's site is going and when it'll go live. The last time I spoke with Kevin he said that the site was done and ready to go, he just needed to approve it. Though he's told me time and again that it'll just be a strict 'resume' site, I do worry a little about what the site will contain - and whether my site will be needed after Dave's site goes up. It's been a while (almost 8 months) since my email conversations with Dave when he and I talked about Kevin's site and I can't help but be a little apprehensive. The only time I've heard from Dave recently was right after Kevin purchased his domain name and we needed to transfer the DNS info to my hosting company - and that was about five months ago.

Sorry for my little neurotic ramblings :( - when things are as important as Kevin's site has become to me - sometimes I tend to over think things and obsess a bit. :( But this will be my last post about Kevin's site for a while, I promise. :)