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...really I do. :) Anyway, I just wanted to thank all those who have friended me within the past few days and let you know I don't always post so much about theatre stuff in here (though I must admit it's a major passion of mine) However, I'll do my best to moderate my theatre posting as best I can and start posting about real life (you mean there's life outside of theatre?) :)

So let's see...real life...

I've been trying to eat healthier recently - not necessarily dieting (I hate that word), but just trying to be healthier about the things I choose to eat. Lately, it's become a chore for me to cook healthy and as a result, my eating habits have really gone bad... I also spend far too much time in my office and when I get home I'm mentally exhausted and the last thing I want to think about is working out. But lately I've been trying to be better about things - hopefully I'll be able to loose a few pounds in the process. :)

I'm still getting emails from my old Jaycee friends asking me to help out with their various upcoming projects... And though I'd love to - I really feel those days are over for me. :( After spending virtually all of my free time and energy over the past 6 years in the organization - I really feel it's time for me to move on. Especially with what the organization has become - all the politics of it all seem to be overwhelming. It used to be all about helping others...when did it turn into a political nightmare? It's really sad what it's become, and unfortunately, it's not the Jaycees I want any part of anymore...

Well, it's getting late and I've already edited this a few times so I should try to finally post this and get some rest.
Current Mood: awakeawake