April 30th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

And so the week drags on...

...I felt, for some reason, like I was dragging the whole day today and it only belatedly occurred to me why. This morning I got up at 3:20 am feeling refreshed and ready to start the day - only it was 40 minutes or so before I was supposed to be up... I could've stayed up, and presumably been fine the whole day...but NO, I opted for the extra 40 minutes of sleep. WRONG CHOICE! My alarm clock went off at 4am on the nose and I must've been in the wrong stage of sleep to get up, because I ended up feeling extra tired and crappy the whole day. I went to Curves but worked out only half heartedly and left a little early. The owner smiled at me as I was leaving and said, "My that was a fast half hour..." Ooops! :P

On the brighter side to this whole unpleasant sleep story, my day immediately got better when I came home - because sitting at my front door was a package from Broadway Cares... My Sutton Foster and Kerry Butler Chatterbox tapes! :) Yay! :) :) I'm so excited that even though I feel like death warmed over right now, I'm going to have to, at least, attempt to watch one of these tonight. Woo!

Last thing - and this sort of came about after reading a post by careleswhisper There just never seems to be any mood icon that's fitting exactly how I'm feeling. Of course right now, to fit my mood exactly it would have to say something like "almost passed out, but excited as all get out to watch my Sutton tape" And okay,... I guess that one wouldn't be universally applicable... :(

I'm off to watch Sutton! :)
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