May 2nd, 2003

Doug & Sheri


As I was leaving work, I got an email from a casting director who was trying to get in touch with Kevin for a call back on Monday... He had made several unsuccessful attempts to contact him through the proper channels so I guess he tried me on the off chance that I might possibly get word to him before Monday. Which is fine - I forwarded the message to Kevin - but who knows when he'll check his email? (He even admitted to me that he checks his email VERY infrequently) And quite frankly, that distresses me - I've always only wanted what was best for Kevin and his career, but to have the responsibility to forward a message to him about a call back is waaay more responsibility than I ever bargained for. :( Please don't get me wrong, I'd love to do anything to try to help Kevin, but I think I'd feel WAAAY too guilty if I couldn't get the message to him in time... I'm just hoping that he checks his email this weekend - or that he somehow got the message some other way. :(

Edited to add: Just read this entry in the light of day and it sounds like I'm complaining about working on Kevin's site - which is TOTALLY not the case... Working on Kevin's site is something that I've enjoyed beyond almost anything else (even my own job), I just wouldn't want it to be my fault if he didn't get a job because he never got a message that I was supposed to forward to him... :( ::SIGH::

In other non-Kevin happenings - I took this from kananigirl:

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Lastly, I can't believe that I'm actually falling asleep writing this LJ entry - I guess that's when you know it's time to go to bed!

Hope everyone has a good night. :) ::crawls into bed::
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