May 3rd, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Got my tickets for the Mother's Day concert... the mail today. Woo hoo! Row B - Yay! It certainly pays to call in advance - which reminds me... I checked out the ticket situation at the Hollywood Bowl and it STINKS!! The closest we can all get is the SuperSeats which we will no doubt need binoculars for. :( I'll be there next weekend when the box office opens so hopefully I'll be able to get seats in the Superseat section...

In non-ticket news: Went shopping at Ward Warehouse today with Mark and found a perfect baby gift for Julie - which I'll probably just drop off at the Colony when I'm there next weekend. :) I also had to stop at Hawaii Doggie Bakery and get a treat for Sydney. I can't believe that a store that custom bakes dog treats was SO busy (it was just crowded with people!) - I guess that's just proof that more and more people these days regard their dogs as members of the family. :)

Speaking of Sydney - she got me up this morning at 4:30, barking at...God knows what. I woke up to find her standing next to me, looking down at me and barking. I don't know, maybe she thought it was a Friday and I would be late for work? Sydney certainly makes a good alarm, but she's got to learn about weekends... ;)

And I stole this from girlsunderpants with apologies:

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