May 4th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Awake at 4am again...

...Sydney woke me up again this morning. I hope this doesn't get to be a habit... :( And Mark simply annoys me sometimes because the man can sleep through anything - even a barking dog... Well, maybe it's not so much that he doesn't wake up, but he can go back to sleep (which I can't)...about two seconds after he yells at the dog...

Dinner with the aunt and uncle in-laws was canceled. :( Apparently they came down with the flu that's making its way around the islands. So no Japanese food tonight - though the way I've been eating this weekend, perhaps a big dinner might not be the best thing (I have that awful weigh and measure thing next week at Curves...) :P

What else? Oh yeah - the weather is horrendous here! It's so hot and humid that it feels like a sauna in my living room! No trade winds - lots of humidity... just makes me feel really lethargic. :P

A bit of good news...Kevin did get that message I was so worried about on Friday night. He sent me a response late last night thanking me for forwarding it to him, telling me not to worry and that it wasn't my responsibility, it was what his agent is for. I'm certainly relieved that the message got to him though. :)

Also, I've been internet bored the past few hours so I decided to make some emoticons for Kevin's message board (actually inspired by my friend Maria who sent one over to me as a surprise in an email last week - gotta love my friends!)

Apparently I've been having a bit too much time on my hands lately... :P
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