May 5th, 2003

Doug & Sheri

Happy Boy's Day... all my LJ men friends out there :). Boys day is pretty special in Hawaii because Japanese culture is extremely influential out here. People will fly huge carps made of light weight material from their houses - one for each boy in the family. The carps symbolize strength, endurance, and fortitude - things all families here wish for their sons. In grade school, it was just a day when we HAD to be nice to the boys (and boy was that hard in the 2nd and 3rd grades!) :) I was so happy to pass by several houses in our neighborhood and see the flying carps. :)

Photo from the Honolulu Advertiser

In more "Boy" news: Just heard from Julie (Dixon Jackson) who sent over some 4-D ultrasound pictures of her baby boy! :) Awww! :) Aside from the photos being adorable, they were simply amazing! I can't believe how incredible the quality on those photos were! :) Technology has certainly advanced since the days of those primitive ultrasound photos I'm used to. It was so cute that it almost made me want to face Mark again with the "Baby Conversation" - but I know that'll be trouble... so I've decided I'll just have to be content looking at pictures of other people's babies... FOR NOW... ;)
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